Both Parents Are Best
Because Children Deserve Equal Access To Both Parents
It would seem obvious that children deserve equal access to both of their parents (assuming parents are fit). Remarkably, however, several U.S. states (Vermont, Montana, Iowa for example) legislate against allowing kids equal access to both of their parents. These states instead argue that allowing children equal access to both of their parents will result in parental conflict, and that requiring kids spend more time with one parent over another will result in greater family harmony. There is of course zero data to support this, but several states still have these laws of inequality. 

Most of these laws originated decades ago, at a time when divorce was less common and many women were not in the workforce. This is no longer the case. Unfortunately, the much higher rate of divorce rate along with legislative inequality, has spawned a truly massive for profit divorce industry incentivized by parental conflict, and literally millions of vested interests (family court lawyers, judges, psychologists, state commissions, some feminists) vigorously defend these old laws DENYING children equal access to both of their parents. 

We are here to stop this nonsense. Children deserve equal access to both parents so long as they are fit and involved parents. Please sign below if you support the following:   

WHEREAS children have a natural right to be nurtured and guided through equal access to both parents; 

WHEREAS parents are presumed fit and equal unless demonstrated otherwise;

RESOLVED, we hereby presume fit parents as equal primary care providers for their children. 


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